Natalie’s reading: April, 2017


I am about to do a full immersion into Tana French, but I’ve been reading other things lately:  in no particular order:

Biographies of Prince Charles and Joan Crawford.   I have a strong loyalty to the Royal Family and to old Hollywood when things were black and white and smokey.  The recent series FEUD, depicting Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, reawakened my interest in them.   They were  “writers” too:  I remember devouring “My Way of Life” and  “The Lonely Life” when I was in my early 20s.


_Esther Waters_ by George Moore.  It’s an 1890s novel about a servant girl who gets “in trouble”  Moore is very sympathetic to Esther’s plight.


Some books on birds, flowers, and I am sampling books about natural history.


Leave a comment if you do not want to start a new entry on what you’ve been reading!


See you next week!




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